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Advanced Medical Massage

This massage is suitable not only for professional sports persons but also for people from all walks of life. Greg treats clients with musculoskeletal injuries, pain or dysfunction caused by any of life’s stresses, like sport, prolonged sitting, overworking, and lack of stretching.

Soft Tissue Therapy integrates three essential clinical elements:


Treatment, which consists of a range of soft tissue techniques to aid recovery and improve mobility

Self - Rehabilitation based on lifestyle advice and remedial exercises to prevent injury recurrence and improve the performance.

*For the assessment you need to be in a swimming suit or your underwear. If you do not feel comfortable, you can be in shorts, but this may decrease the preciseness of the test.


Effectively removes pain.

Tackles the real source of a problem.

‘Remedies’ the neck, shoulder, back, knee areas and other problem areas in the body.

Enhances faster recovery from injuries.

Provides great, deep stretching to the muscles.

Helps to improve the posture and avoid problems in the future.

Provides self body awareness.

Is very effective for: stiff muscles, back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, sprains, ligament and tendon injuries, postural problems, ‘old’ injuries, and more.

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