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Meet your facilitators:


Greg Ozarowski

Greg is a LifeStretch® Certified Instructor, Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist, and Reflexologist, with 20 years of experience in remedial massage, soft tissue release, myofascial release, Chinese massage, orthobionomy, and many other methods for body restoration.

He graduated from the London School of Massage, and completed the 2nd level of the Myofascial Release Technique with the Stretch to Win Institute in Toronto. He is also the owner and principal therapist of the Bala Sports & Remedial Massage Clinic in Bermuda, specializing in removing pain, correcting posture, and helping both professional and amateur athletes in reaching their full potential.

Greg teaches myofascial LifeStretch® classes, through which you can experience a new approach to stretching, gain more flexibility, reinvent the way your body works, and finally release that reoccurring pain which hinders you in your life.

Greg also has extensive experience in teaching self-massage courses to beginners, where they are introduced to a  variety of techniques which can return proper health and well being to the body.


Anya Ozarowska

Anya is a Relaxation and Meditation Therapist, Nutritionist, and Facial Reflexologist. She teaches deep peace relaxation classes, based on the principles of guided body and mind relaxation, visualization, deep breathing, and sound meditation

She has been following a balanced vegetarian diet for the last 20 years and is a living example of its benefits to the body. She also offers facial reflexology treatments, which include stimulating and massaging different reflex and nerve points on the face and head. Such massage rejuvenates the nervous system, improves energy levels and balances hormonal secretion.